Dive into the fascinating world of Bohedal wines and embark on a unique experience

A promise and a dream

Discover the captivating story behind a promise and the dream come true of Fe Bezares.
In the fascinating world of wine, each bottle tells a unique story, and Fe Bezares's story is truly captivating. A wine lover turned her dream into reality by founding her own winery, a journey filled with effort, dedication, and love for viticulture.
With a clear vision and a devoted heart, Fe Bezares has carved her path in the wine industry with determination and passion. The dream of owning her own winery finally materialized, giving life to a space where aromas, flavours, and tradition intertwine to create unforgettable wines and sensory experiences.
Step into her dream come true. Explore her winery, where each bottle tells the story of a journey that began with a promise and a dream that has blossomed into an unforgettable wine legacy.


Where the Senses Flourish and Wine Tells Our Story

" We had a super time here - lovely welcoming hosts and we were made to feel very comfortable as we learned about the wines - definitely a must visit!!!"

Steve Howdle

"  Great time with the family. Our boys loved it. This was a lovely run family winery that made us all feel very welcome. Their wine was amazing as well! Highly recommended."

Andrew Steele